Alternative Meats

Alternative MeatsSome people still disapprove of those of us who enjoy eating veal, but the days when you could only buy it if you were willing to accept the cruel manner in which the animals had been reared are long gone and I believe we can all eat British Rose Veal with a clear conscience. That is, always provided we can find a source! I’ve tried our local suppliers over a number of years but still am not able to source veal from our Farm Shops or Butchers, but I have just found a good online supplier in Alternative Meats. They won’t be going into my recommendations pages just yet – one delivery isn’t enough to go by – but I’m already telling my friends about them. So if you’ve been searching in vain for Veal, Wild Boar, Suckling Pig, Welsh Wagyu Beef, a good range of game birds, or something a bit more exotic like Crocodile or Kangaroo, give them a try. Ordering was easy and my delivery arrived vac-packed and well insulated so that I could just transfer it to the freezer ready to use when I like. I haven’t had a proper Osso Bucco for years – now I can!