Alternative Meats

Alternative MeatsSome people still disapprove of those of us who enjoy eating veal, but the days when you could only buy it if you were willing to accept the cruel manner in which the animals had been reared are long gone and I believe we can all eat British Rose Veal with a clear conscience. That is, always provided we can find a source! I’ve tried our local suppliers over a number of years but still am not able to source veal from our Farm Shops or Butchers, but I have just found a good online supplier in Alternative Meats. They won’t be going into my recommendations pages just yet – one delivery isn’t enough to go by – but I’m already telling my friends about them. So if you’ve been searching in vain for Veal, Wild Boar, Suckling Pig, Welsh Wagyu Beef, a good range of game birds, or something a bit more exotic like Crocodile or Kangaroo, give them a try. Ordering was easy and my delivery arrived vac-packed and well insulated so that I could just transfer it to the freezer ready to use when I like. I haven’t had a proper Osso Bucco for years – now I can!

The Harvest Fayre

Fayre Poster

Looking for something to do before settling down to watch the rugby on Sunday I came across an ad for the Harvest Fayre at Oriel y Parc (SA62 6NW) in St Davids and, as it was a cold but sunny morning, we decided to chuck some warm jackets into the back of the car and go and take a look. The car park was very busy but we found a space and walked the short distance to the exhibition centre where we found the courtyard brimming with stalls and lots of people either looking, like us, at the produce or taking part in the activities on offer which included apple pressing and face painting. I must admit that the title “Harvest Fayre” had led me to expect that all of the stalls would be selling food but in fact there were also plants, woollen goods and more on offer which served to make the event more interesting, and the Fishguard Folk Singers were doing a sterling job providing a musical background to the proceedings.

We tasted some amazing sauces and relishes from, amongst others, Nervous Nigel and Little Grandma’s Kitchen, and HI had an interesting discussion with the lady from a local brewery, Caffle. We took home a lemon sponge and a bara brith from the Country Market stall. The lemon sponge was delicious; it lasted about 20 minutes once we had unwrapped it at home and we’re now looking forward to demolishing the bara brith with plenty of butter! Some of the stallholders were kind enough to let us take their pictures so you can see them in my Photo Gallery album for September/October.

I hope this event was successful enough to be repeated next year – we will certainly be looking out for it.

Penrallt Garden Centre Cafe

The weather looked promising today so we set out in search of Ceibwr Bay (sometimes its fun to close your eyes, stick a pin in a map and go and look for wherever it takes you!), up in the north close to Cardigan. After negotiating some pretty tricky roads we found the bay and agreed it was worth the trip – it’s gorgeous – but we’d been travelling for some time and were hungry. A couple of miles back, close to Moylgrove, we’d passed a garden centre which advertised a cafe so we decided to take a look. At worst we’d be able to get a cup of coffee and a sandwich, we figured. As it turned out there was table service and a menu ranging from soup and snacks through panini and baguettes to full meals. The cafe was obviously popular and although it was busy the service was prompt and efficient and the food was excellent. I thoroughly recommend the toasted cheese and ham (2 slices, with hand-carved ham in nice chunky pieces). This cafe would certainly be a star in my Reviews section if it was close enough to home to be a regular destination. Oh, by the way, it’s the Penrallt Garden Centre, SA43 3BX, in case you want to try it for yourself.

Service Excellent, Food So-So

We just had lunch at the Bristol Trader in Quay Street, Haverfordwest. We hadn’t been there before but it’s in a great location next to the river so we thought we’d give it a try. We won’t be rushing back. It’s no better or worse than any number of pubs that serve food, but it’s obviously very popular with families and that makes it just too noisy for us. The service was excellent, the food was delivered in a surprisingly short time considering how busy it was, and the portions were very generous, but there was nothing special about any of it and nothing to make us put it on our “must go again” list. So, to sum up, if you’ve got a bunch of hungry kids you want to feed for a reasonable price, or you’re out for lunch with your mates from the office, go there, but if you’re a couple who want to eat and to be able to do your crossword without having to shout the answers across the table, find somewhere else!