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Pembroke Dock Location Finder

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Llanion Barracks: 51.699067, -4.936905
Military Cemetery: 51.697140, -4.935050
Hobbs Point: 51.699800, -4.942517
Front Street Guntower: 51.696142, -4.947259
Commemorative Plaques: 51.695278, -4.947882
Fort Road Guntower: 51.694267, -4.959855
Dockyard Accommodation: 51.693069, -4.951929
Garrison (Dockyard) Chapel: 51.692857, -4.948955
Commercial Row: 51.693151, -4.947926
St Marys Church: 51.692525, -4.942753
St Johns Church: 51.690805, -4.941768
Railway Station: 51.693948, -4.938140
Cleddau Toll Bridge: 51.704853, -4.932561
Centenary Monument: 51.692405, -4.946165
Bethany Chapel: 51.688494, -4.947624
The Defensible Barracks: 51.689851, -4.951916
The National School: 51.691048, -4.949770
Carr Jetty: 51.697672, -4.957666
The Market: 51.692245, -4.949083
The Technium: 51.700901, -4.926125
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Llanion Barracks
Llanion Barracks: this imposing red brick building was used from 1905 to 1967 as the Officers' Quarters for the Barracks at Llanion.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6DY, United Kingdom
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Military Cemetery
Military Cemetery: the only dedicated military cemetery in Wales.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6EL, United Kingdom
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Hobbs Point
Hobbs Point: built in the early 1830s as a landing stage for the Irish Packet. Later used as a fitting out area for boats built in the Dockyard.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6TR, United Kingdom
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Front Street Guntower
A defensive guntower, built in 1848, stands off Front Street. Front street also saw the first accommodation built for the residents of Pembroke Dock.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6JX, United Kingdom
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Commemorative Plaques
On Commercial Row a set of six bronze plaques are attached to the old Dockyard Wall. They commemorate various events and periods in the town's history.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6JX, United Kingdom
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Fort Road Guntower
Like its partner in Front Street this guntower was erected in 1848 for the defence of the Dockyard. It lies at the very end of Fort Road.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6JX, United Kingdom
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Dockyard Accommodation
The Fleet Surgeon's House, one of the elegant houses built for the accommodation of the Dockyard officials. This building was first occupied in 1817.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6YH, United Kingdom
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Garrison (Dockyard) Chapel
Opened in 1831, the Garrison Chapel had a somewhat chequered history during the 20th century. It is now a museum.
SA72 6WS, United Kingdom
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Commercial Row
This was one of the early streets to be developed in the town, not long after Front Street.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6JN, United Kingdom
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St Marys Church
In 1847, St Marys on Meyrick Street was the first Roman Catholic church in Pembroke Dock.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6AL, United Kingdom
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St Johns Church
St Johns Church, on Bush Street, was consecrated in 1848. It was the town's first orthodox CofE church.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6AR, United Kingdom
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Railway Station
The first train into the town arrived in 1864. The station is still operational but the buildings are now a pub.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6HN, United Kingdom
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Cleddau Toll Bridge
Opened in 1975 to replace the old ferry boats which had previously been the only way to shorten the route to the north of the county.
SA72 6EG, United Kingdom
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Centenary Monument
The Centenary Memorial, unveiled in 1914, commemorates the town's 100th anniversary.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6XF, United Kingdom
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Bethany Chapel
In 1818 the Bethany Chapel was the first chapel to be opened in Pembroke Dock.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6NY, United Kingdom
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The Defensible Barracks
According to local history, or perhaps legend, these huge barracks were completed within the space of a single year and handed over to the Military in 1845.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6NU, United Kingdom
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The National School
The National School was the first school to open in Pembroke Dock, in 1845.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6XJ, United Kingdom
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Carr Jetty
1901: Carr Jetty provided much-needed facilities for fitting out the ships built in the Dockyard.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6YH, United Kingdom
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The Market
The Market: opened in 1827, the walled market was a bustling operation. It still opens once a week, on Fridays, but with only 3 or 4 stalls.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6XS, United Kingdom
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The Technium
The Technium: or, to give it its proper title, the Bridge Innovation Centre. A business park built to encourage startup enterprises, particularly in the Technology sector.
Pembroke Dock SA72 6UN, United Kingdom