Photo Diary

This is not a gallery of pretty pictures. It’s a photo diary for my family and friends who live hundreds of miles away and don’t know what we do when we’re not working. Be prepared for the shops as well as the castles and beaches, and for bad weather as well as good.

Category: General

2019: January to March

Our travels in the early months of 2019
21/2: Pembroke

2018: October

Izzy, Wizzy, Let's get busy!

2018: August & September

We start with a drizzly visit to the Lawrenny Arms
15/9: Pembroke Port

2018: June & July

We visit the Newport wetlands and Fishguard's Old Town, and sample the Sunday afternoon menu at Hilton Court

2018: January to May

Our travels in the early months of 2018, before it really even pretended to be summer!
28/05: St Davids


Here are the pictures I have picked from the 2017 Albums. Hindsight is a lot more critical than ordinary vision, so there aren't all that many!
August: Pembroke Dock