Photo Diary

This is not a gallery of pretty pictures. It’s a photo diary for my family and friends who live hundreds of miles away and don’t know what we do when we’re not working. Be prepared for the shops as well as the castles and beaches, and for bad weather as well as good.

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Well, there wasn't much to see last year. Let's see whether we can do better this time!
20th April: Manorbier


It's late, but let's make a start ...
The Preselis

2019: August to December

A local parade, some new flowers....and Christmas!
8/8: Pembroke

2019: July

It's been a strange year so far, but let's see what's in store next...
27/7: Pembroke Port

2019: January to June

The early months were taken up by the Garden Project and the 6 Nations but we took a couple of other pictures. Now, from midway through April, we're ready to move on. Let's hope for some good weather!
5/5: Lydstep

2019: Our Garden Project

At last, we found a landscaper who doesn't just talk a good job - he actually does a good job! Here is the story, in pictures, of the transformation of our garden.
Our Garden