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rec_seasonshopFour Seasons Farm Shop, SA69 9DS: A fantastic find whether you’re a foodie or just a lazy person who wants a picnic without all the preparation. Everything from fresh bread, locally made pies and cakes, and cheeses, to fruit, vegetables, olives, herbs and spices, and some wonderful game and seafood. After a day out we often detour here to pick up a dressed crab and a fresh loaf for a trouble-free (and yummy!) supper. Tel: 01834 812911.

rec_nashfarmNash Farm Shop, SA72 4SS: (2012 to 2019) RIP. This brilliant Farm Shop and Café closed its doors for the last time in February 2019 and will be sorely missed by Him Indoors and I as well as all our local friends and acquaintances. No more lazy lunches sitting by the lake in the summer, no more comforting hot food in the upstairs café in the winter, and no more wonderful butcher’s counter defying me to leave without a couple of Barnsley Chops or some Pork Belly tucked into my bag. This one leaves a gap which won’t be easy to fill.

rec_cuttingroomThe Cutting Room, Main Street, Pembroke, SA71 4DA: When we moved to Pembrokeshire in 2003 just about the last thing that occurred to me was how difficult it would be to replace my hairdresser! Naively, I just thought I would make an appointment and everything would be fine. What a mistake! Anyway, to cut a long story short (no pun intended, I assure you!), at last, after a lot of trial and error I found the Cutting Room in Pembroke. Now, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. If you want a great cut at a very reasonable price, and some entertainment thrown in for free (great banter amongst the stylists – and the clients aren’t excluded), just head straight there. Tel: 01646 685151. Last visited: March 2018.

rec_matthewsMatthews Outfitters, Victoria Place, Haverfordwest, SA61 2JX: It’s been there all along but we’ve only just discovered this little gem of a shop on the corner of Quay Street in Haverfordwest. They sell women’s clothes and accessories too but the reason we were so pleased is that HI isn’t an off-the-peg fit and here at Matthews he can choose his trousers and they have a seamstress who will do a very good job of making them the right length. Hooray! Add to that that the staff are friendly but totally professional, and they’ll order your shirts in the colour and size you want and it’s perfect for us. Highly recommended. Tel: 01437 865006. Last visited: May 2015.