Whose BLOG

Since I first started working on this BLOGsite a couple of years ago it seems to have taken on a life of its own and is no longer what I originally described it as, ie my musings on the things that make me laugh, or groan, general trivia and the odd recipe. It has evolved, instead, into a photodiary of our lives here in our adopted home county of Pembrokeshire and a reflection of our interest in its history and the personalities connected with it. You will still find recipes, cooking tips and my comments on places we stop to eat in, but hopefully nowadays you will also find items of more general interest. In the Reviews section I comment on the cafes, pubs, restaurants and other local services we use regularly and recommend to our family and friends when they visit.

I hope you will enjoy my BLOGsite.

Mrs Wizzud (partner of Wizzud, aka Him Indoors).