These pages are about local venues and services I have tried and tested and, mostly, go to on a regular basis. The entries are not in any order of preference. The categories are:-

You will be able to see how up-to-date my comments are by checking the “Last visited” date under each venue’s entry (nobody wants to read a review only to find that it is two years old and probably no reflection at all of the current situation). Our area, Pembrokeshire, is heavily dependent on the tourist trade, so you will need to bear in mind that some venues will have restricted opening dates and times and some, unfortunately, don’t stand the test of time. I do my best to reflect that in these pages, and I include contact numbers in my reviews so that you can check for yourselves. You may also find links to other websites (“Weblinks”) included in the reviews. These are added only on request by the owners of those websites. Please note, when following such external links, that I do not control the content or performance of those sites, nor do I accept any responsibility for either.