1831 The Dockyard Chapel

Also known as the Garrison Chapel, the building was commissioned by the Admiralty as a place of worship for its employees in the Dockyard. Work on the building was completed in 1831. Built by the Architect to the Navy Board, George Ledwell Taylor, the Chapel is still recognised as one of the finest examples of naval architecture and is believed to be the only remaining example of a classical Georgian Church in Wales. In more recent years the Garrison Chapel has been used as a theatre and also as a motor museum. It fell into a bad state of disrepair and was eventually compulsorily purchased by Pembrokeshire County Council in 2003. With the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund the Chapel has now been restored to something approaching its former glory and has just (April 2014) opened as the new home of the Fleets to Flying Boats Visitor Centre. The official opening, by HM QEII, took place on 29 April 2014.

1831: The Garrison Chapel

The Garrison (Dockyard) Chapel.