1931 RAF Pembroke Dock

Anxious for something to come along and help to revive the town’s economy, residents and local tradesmen were no doubt delighted when the Royal Air Force announced its decision to establish a flying boat base inside the old Dockyard walls. The first flying boats to arrive, in June, belonged to 210 Squadron. Two massive aircraft hangers were built, as well as a new slipway and new barrack blocks. Although RAF Pembroke Dock was originally only intended to be a short-term base it actually continued in use for 29 years. One of the most famous officers to be based at RAF Pembroke Dock was Arthur “Bomber” Harris who would, in later years, mastermind the Allied Forces’ campaign against the German Luftwaffe during World War II.

1931: Aircraft Hangars

The Dockyard, which became RAF Pembroke Dock.