1855 Llanion Hut Camp

During the Crimean War (1853 – 1856) large numbers of troops mustered in Pembroke Dock waiting for embarkation to the battle zone, so many inĀ  fact that the Defensible Barracks was not big enough to accommodate them all. A Hut Encampment was set up in Llanion, overlooking Hobbs Point, to accommodate the overflow. The first Battalions to occupy the Hut Camp were the Gloucestershires and the Monmouthshire Militia. One of the soldiers who departed from Pembroke Dock for the Crimea was Charles Gordon, later to become famous as “Gordon of Khartoum”. He was serving with the Royal Engineers and had been assigned to construct fortifications at Milford Haven. Gordon was not garrisoned at the Hut Camp but had lodgings in a house on Bush Street in Pembroke Dock.