1877 The Dockyard Class

In the early days of the Dockyard apprentices were taught on the Dragon, the ship which was used to house the Royal Marines who were originally assigned to the Dockyard’s protection. The formal Dockyard Class, which was developed specifically for boys who wanted to sit the Civil Service Examination for Dockyard Apprentices, was a later development. The Dockyard Class was held in the National School for some years but moved to a new home on the opening of the Albion Square School in 1877. Over and above the normal school day students had to attend extra classes during the evening. Competition for apprenticeships was fierce; places were subject to quotas and only the best students would be successful. Those accepted for apprenticeships would continue their education with part-time study at the Royal Dockyard School.

1877: The Dockyard Class

Albion Square School.