Lazy Sunday Prawn Curry

On a Sunday when we’ve been out for a drive and lazed around over coffee and a crossword the last thing I want to do in the evening is to start roasting a joint of meat and prepping vegetables, so I have a number of quick and easy (but still tasty) storecupboard meals to fall back on. Here’s one of them. You might need to remember to defrost some of the ingredients earlier in the day, but that’s about as difficult as it gets. You will need:-

  • 1x 240g pack raw prawns
  • 2x 120g sachets Szechuan Tomato Stirfry Sauce (Blue Dragon make a good one but be aware it’s quite hot)
  • 1x 280g pack ready-made Pilau rice
  • Naan bread to serve on the side

Heat your oven to Gas 5 or equivalent. Tip the rice into an oven-proof dish and cover it with tinfoil. Tip the Szechuan Tomato sauce into a foil tray, mix the prawns into it and put the lid onto the foil tray. Put the dish of rice and the foil tray onto a baking sheet and place in the centre of the hot oven. Let these cook for about 10 minutes (remember, you don’t want to overcook the prawns because they’ll just shrink up to nothing) then put your Naan breads into the oven to heat through. After another 5 minutes have passed your curry and rice will be hot and your Naans ready to eat.