Life isn’t always too short!

I can’t remember now whether it was Shirley Conran or Delia Smith who first said that “life is too short for stuffing mushrooms”, but normally I heartily agree with the statement. I do make one exception, though, which is in the case of big Portobello mushrooms stuffed with some decent sausagemeat. Heat your oven to 180, then take a pack of your favourite posh sausages (I like to use Pork and Leek), remove the skins and roll the meat into balls. Peel the mushrooms and place them upside down in an ovenproof dish. Press a ball of sausagemeat into the cup of each mushroom. Put a splash of water into the dish then place it in the centre of the oven and cook until the sausagemeat is cooked through and the mushrooms have softened (about 30mins). These make a good lunch or snack on their own and also work well as a side dish with roast meat.